I found myself thinking a lot about fish this week. My love of fish & shellfish has been with me as long as I can remember, even as a child I remember stuffing my face with mussels and snails aged 4 as quickly as my little hands would allow; being taught how to use an empty mussel shell instead of a fork to whip out another even faster or attempting to squeeze as hard as I could with the contraption for picking up a snail, mopping up the garlic butter with the left-over bread desperate not to waste or leave a tiny morsel. The smell of garlic butter, wine and parsley still get me every time I cook them. But this week we have enjoyed Seabass fillets. One of my eldest son’s favourites dishes. Fresh Seabass fillets gently pan-fried in a little butter, lightly seasoned with cracked black pepper and turned after a few minutes. Throw in some samphire for that natural salty seasoning – a vegetable so underestimated in my opinion and yet delicious and easy to cook. We usually have this meal with a few boiled potatoes and a hearty salad, however, I was feeling in the mood to combined this sweet textured fish with something with a bit of a kick. I decided on a Mexican quinoa dish. A few veggies from the fridge, tomato paste, spices, chicken stock and water thrown in the pan with the quinoa and baked for 20 mins. I served this with a simple green salad. It went down a treat. Maybe the fish theme should carry on into some freshly made pasta (always good for roping in the kids) with chilli and crab. A dish my husband loves, however, this does taste better washed down with a crisp cold glass of white, but as I am currently enduring Dry January maybe I had better think of a different dish to make…

All my recipes discussed can be found on my recipes page. I have tried to categorise into seasons, but as other food lovers will know and understand, some dishes are just too good to wait until the appropriate season to cook and eat so there may be a few curve ball dishes thrown in too!

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