About Me

About Me

My world of children, husband, job, faith, family and friends are the core of who I am, but nothing comes close to being in the kitchen with ingredients from the garden, shop or farm ready for me to create, to unwind and to make something that touches every taste bud I own. As you can probably tell by now, I love to cook. It’s the reason for this blog really… I cannot post any more pictures of dinner or recipes or discussions about food on my social media for fear my friends may disown me! This blog is my brain dump, my space to write about food, to discuss opinion, to share thoughts, recipes and musings of everything the kitchen brings. For me, that is growing, baking, experimenting, challenging and the deep joy of eating!

My name is Katie, I live in Hampshire with my 3 children, my handsome cockney husband and my crazy murderous cat Madame (more on her later). I invite you to read along, comment, share or just ignore my ranting ways as I explore the world of blogging in a bid to grow as a person in my cooking life and in my attempt to be a ‘grown up’ raising children without the manual I always desperately hope I’ll find and whatever else life throws my way.

Welcome to Good Evans Kitchen. I do not profess to be a trained cook, or know what I’m talking about; because I utterly and totally don’t. But I do know that bread tastes better when kneaded with love, when your heart goes into the stew or sauce you’re making, when the winds change and you can’t wait to buy, grow or cook what comes into season. I am beginning to understand the simpleness of growing things and cooking from ground to plate; to appreciate my surroundings and all that it has to offer. I don’t always get it right as you will soon find out, but my longing to be encompassed in the life of food never leaves me. So join me on my journey of blogging.


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